Who Needs a Blog When You Can Have a Newsletter

Buried in my growing to-do list, nestled somewhere between “find the best linen sheets” and “sign up for global entry,” “START A NEWSLETTER” has been sitting there for over a year now. In case you were curious, I haven’t found the best linen sheets (do you know? tell me!) and I let my global entry application lapse so now I have to start all over, which means it will never happen. 

That brings me to this newsletter.
In it, I’ll talk about my book and the recipes in it (it’s called Dining In, and it’s great, and you should buy it if you don't already have it! ^ Those are some photos from it!), making a second book (yes, I am making a second book!), direct you to other recipes that exist for your cooking pleasure (like this baked ziti), talk you through no-recipe recipes, plus, a bunch of other non cooking and eating-related things, like how guilty I feel for loving my definitely not reasonably priced botanical serum

You might be asking, “isn’t this just a blog that gets sent right to my inbox?” And the answer might be YES, but frankly, I’m too embarrassed to admit that I’m starting a blog now, in 2018, so please, welcome to my newsletter! 

Stay tuned for next week’s edition, where I’ll try to address every single thing that could go wrong with THE COOKIES, providing helpful answers that will leading you all to eternal cookie bliss. Plus, I’ll finally break my silence on everyone’s favorite question: “Are they worth the hype?” (hint: ITS JUST A COOKIE, so idk? But maybe....yes?) 

See you next week!